2017-2018 Season

Winners of the 50/50


Week 1 Just the Tip and 4 Bucks and a Doe

Week 2 Shaun Milne signs and TBA

Week 3 Good and You 2 and Ladies and Gentleshots 

week 4 Wrongfully Accused and Smiths Thunderbolts 

Week 5 Womin and Heinz 57

Week 6 Just the Tip and Clean Slate 

Week 7 Right on Cue and The Eagles 

Week 8 Pappas Sharks and Wrongfully Accuesed 

Week 9 Pappas Sharks and Balls Deep 

Week 10 Good and you 2 and Guys and Dolls 

Week 11 9 Balls and Ladies and Gentleshots